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1. What is a LuckyLighter™ pocket lighter?

A LuckyLighter™ pocket lighter is an ordinary disposable lighter that can be tracked via our website. It has a label on the front with our website and a unique numerical code that identifies it throughout its lifespan.  By entering this code, we will tell you where the lighter has been, and where it ends up after you.

2. How will you notify me of the location of my lighter?

We will send email notifications to you when one of your lighters changes hands. The only way to ensure that you are receiving the exciting news about your lighter is to enter notify@luckylighter.com into your address book as SPAM filters may block it otherwise.

3. Why would I want to track a LuckyLighter™ pocket lighter?

For pure entertainment, or what we prefer to call infotainment.

4. Why don’t you currently sell lighters on your website?

The restrictions of mailing lighters due to their hazardous nature prevents us from currently maintaining an on-site lighter inventory. However, it is our intent to distribute and sell lighters in the coming months. For now, the labels work well and allow users to make their lighters of choice LuckyLighters™ pocket lighters.

5. How can I advertise on your site, or contact you regarding press?

Please email
for all advertising and press questions or use the contact link at the top of the screen.
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